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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: 'Noise' is an interesting story exploring many themes

Netflix's new movie "Noise" is an interesting blend of drama, suspense and action.

Netflix's newly released movie "Noise" might attract a specific audience. The poster of the movie displays a man's head with cracks all over it and a house replacing the head's top, which doesn't lead to a specific theme for the movie. Since the poster doesn't give away what the movie is about, the viewers might be curious about the story. That curiosity might or might not be fulfilled in the end. 


The movie "Noise" starts with a successful social media influencer Mattias moving to his father's country home with his wife Liv and newborn Julius. While exploring an abandoned factory once owned by his father, he discovers disturbing rumors and decides to investigate. Initially, he does this as a fun activity for his social media followers, but as he uncovers possible conspiracies and struggles with exhaustion and his baby's crying, he reaches his breaking point. Things get interesting when his wife notices that he is on the verge. 

Movie's Highs: 

The movie has such an interesting story that seems unfamiliar and hooks the viewer; unlike other repeated ideas, this one is new. "Noise" shows the field of a social media influencer's life and how leading a life in similar situations could potentially lead to insanity or other unwanted results. Furthermore, the movie includes startling moments of frightening imagery and jump scares, which seem to serve as a means of maintaining the audience's interest. Lastly, the movie takes the viewer into a deep story, which stimulates a need of wanting to know how it's going to end.

Movie's Lows: 

While that need is stimulated in viewers, it's not fully fulfilled by the story and how things end. The first half of events set up high expectations for the plot, but then what happens isn't anywhere around that high expectation. Some side stories don't add anything to the actual storyline, which made me feel like they were trying to reach a specific time frame by adding those unnecessary scenes. While the movie works overall, it feels like it's promising more than it delivers. 

The movie left me quite confused, and it was a lot longer than the actual story should take.

I would rate this movie a 4/10.