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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Sam Smith's new album 'Gloria' is full of inspiration

Sam Smith released their new album 'Gloria'. It is one of the top albums that has so far been released this year, and it has been talked about a lot.

In January this year, Sam Smith released their latest album "Gloria." The album contains the famous song "Unholy" featuring the German singer Kim Petras. The album itself has been successful so far as it reached number one in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

"Gloria" is the fourth album that the British singer Sam Smith has released. The name of the album means liberation. According to Jamieson Cox, Sam Smith explained that they picked the name "Gloria" for this album to express the freedom of being who they are as a person and the self-love they hold for themselves.

By listening to the songs in the album, listeners can feel their confidence and how proud they are of themselves for living in their truth.

As mentioned before, one of the popular songs on the album is "Unholy." It reached number one on the Billboard's Hot 100 Songs Chart, and the song got a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

The song is so good that it was trending on TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms.

The album holds a total of 13 songs, featuring artists like Ed Sheeran, Jessie Reyez, Kim Petras, and Koffee. Most of the songs on the album were all composed by Sam Smith, along with the help of other songwriters.

The project has been such a success that it ended up being Sam Smith's third album to reach number one out of the four albums they have released throughout their music career.

"Gloria" is mainly about expressing who you are. Sam Smith has always been open about who they are and what they are like. They have made sure to express in their songs what they feel and their love for themself.

For instance, the song "Love Me More" talks about once being down on yourself, but slowing loving who you are wholly. This song describes how Sam Smith felt about themself in an indirect inspirational way.

"Gloria" has received many good reviews from people like Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Billboard. It has also received 83% from Google Users.

Unsurprisingly, this album has received positive feedback because it has such powerful words and a beautiful melody in all of its songs. There is something about the theme of the music that makes the listener wants to hear the songs and even put it on repeat a couple of times.

This album is recommended especially because of its positivity and affirmational vibes. It can be found on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, iheart, and Deezer.

If you want inspirational songs, "Gloria" is the album you are looking for.

I would rate the album a 10 out of 10.