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Opinion: Latino artists taking over Coachella

Coachella season has arrived, and it seems more entertaining than ever this year. Many artists are lined up to perform in this year's Coachella event, especially Latino artists.

Coachella is a well-known music festival that takes place in California in April. The famous festival is held over two weekends, and many artists are chosen to perform. The first week of Coachella started on April 14 and got off to a great start.

This year, Coachella invited many Latino artists to perform. Not only did Coachella invite them, but the artists themselves made sure to ask other artists to sing along with them at the music festival.

One artist who performed on the first weekend of Coachella was Mexican-American artist Becky G. Becky G rose to fame in 2013 with her single "Play It Again." At first, she focused on making music in the rap genre and singing in English, but eventually, she moved towards singing reggaeton and singing in Spanish while adding some English to her music.

Becky G invited Dominican artist NATTI NATASHA to become the first Dominican to perform at the festival and sing their famous duet "Sin Pijama," which they released in 2018 and has since been a hit. She also invited rising Mexican artist Peso Pluma to sing their new song together called "Chanel," which was released last March. Her third guest for her performance was Marco MP singing their song "Ya acabó." The songs she performed with Marco MP and Peso Pluma are known as corridos, a traditional genre of music in Mexico.

The young Latina artist made sure to include her roots in her performance and show where they come from, and as Billboard stated, she paid tribute to her Mexican roots.

Another Latino artist who performed at Coachella was the well-known Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, who became the first Latino artist to headline a Coachella set.

The Latino rapper has performed before at Coachella, but this year went well for him, and he invited artists to share the stage with him. Bad Bunny sang his famous song "Safaera" with Puerto Rican duo Jowell & Randy and artist Ñengo Flow at Coachella, and people seemed to enjoy the performance. He also invited Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Jhay Cortez and American artist Post Malone to share the stage with him.

It was Jhay Cortez, Jowell & Randy, and Ñengo Flow's first time singing at Coachella, and based on the feedback people gave Bad Bunny and the artists that joined him for his performance, the show was a success.

The next artist to perform was Spanish artist ROSALÍA. ROSALÍA rose to fame when she released her song "Con Altura" featuring Colombian artist J Balvin and Spanish artist El Guincho in 2019. ROSALÍA is starting to become known here in America. She has recorded with artists like Travis Scott and The Weeknd and recently released a song in English called "LLYLM." The Spanish artist and dancer performed at Coachella with her new fiancé, Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro, making it his first time singing at Coachella. They released an EP and performed their new songs "BESO" and "VAMPIROS.”

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Latinos are being represented here in America daily thanks to these artists for their talents and hard work. Coachella started its music festival with some Latino spice, and it also shows that Latino music is becoming very popular here in the States.