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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Dua Lipa's disco song "Dance the Night" has received positive feedback with its short release

Dua Lipa just dropped the very first song from the live action "Barbie" soundtrack, and it's already getting heaps of love.


Dua Lipa, the British-Albanian disco-pop singer, has just unveiled the first song from the live action "Barbie" movie soundtrack titled "Dance the Night." Lipa will also be portraying the character of Mermaid Barbie in the movie. Since its recent release, "Dance the Night" has been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. The song perfectly captures the essence of Barbie and what she represents. It's a catchy and vibrant track that embodies the spirit of fun and joy associated with the iconic Barbie brand.


In exciting news, "Barbie" is planned to release this year, accompanied by an album featuring various artists. One of these artists is the talented Dua Lipa, who contributed her single "Dance the Night" to the album. The song, released with a disco-themed music video on May 25, delivers a message of resilience and letting go of troubles by dancing through the night. With its vibrant energy and nods to the Barbie aesthetic, "Dance the Night" provides a glimpse into the exciting world of the Barbie album and live action movie, promising a fun and uplifting experience for fans.

Song’s Highs

The single and the music video itself give a representation of what Barbie is about. Barbie is known for going all out and her beauty. She is also known for being very talented, just like Dua Lipa herself. The music video involved everything that had to do with Barbie. People that are fans of Barbie can relate to the music video because it's all pink, good vibes, singing, dancing, and having a fun time. The best touch in the music video is the high heel, which is the main object of Barbie. A positive aspect about the music video is that it is age appropriate for young girls to watch.

The primary genre of the single is disco-pop, which Dua Lipa typically sings. The genre fits well with the movie because Barbie is known for being fun, and the song is a fun melody to dance to. Dua Lipa, who wrote the song with the help of Norwegian-British singer Caroline Ailin, made sure to make the song eccentric because it talks about how you are having a good time and you are not going to let anything get in the way of you're happiness. Barbie is all about having a good time, and the song and the video give that vibe.

The song has recieved good feedback since its release. According to Peters from Billboard, "Dance the Night" was voted as the favorite song of the week, beating other songs with 37% released that week by Peso Pluma, Taylor Swift, and others. It has also received over 30 million views in the first two weeks on YouTube with many likes and positive comments talking how the song gives a perfect representation of Barbie.

Song's Lows

One potential concern with the song is that its lyrics may not strongly resonate with young girls. For example, when the song mentions heartbreak, it may be challenging for little girls who haven't experienced such emotions to relate to the lyrics. Additionally, the presence of a cuss word in the song might raise objections from certain parents. They may not feel comfortable with a song that contains slang or explicit language being marketed towards young children, especially if the song is featured in a movie intended for a similar audience. It's important for individuals and parents to consider these factors when deciding what content is appropriate for their children.


Overall, "Dance the Night" is a song that gives a perfect idea of what is expected in “Barbie.” The single provides a perfect representation of what Barbie is mainly about. Although it might be challenging for some people to see Dua Lipa change and move on, this single has received positive feedback with its quick release.

I rate this song a 10 out of 10.