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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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The Eastern Echo launches fundraising campaign

The campaign Echo Forward in Pictures aims to raise money for new, updated equipment.

The Eastern Echo launched its current fundraising campaign Echo Forward in Pictures on Nov. 28.

With a goal of $5,000, the student-led newspaper hopes to raise money for new equipment, such as DSLR cameras and soundproofing material. 

Christine Uthoff, advisor for The Eastern Echo and Cellar Roots, notes that these upgrades are a focus due to recent changes in the journalism industry. She points to the rise in individuals consuming news digitally, especially through the use of cellular devices.

"If that's the way people are getting that information, we have to be able to get the information to them in that format. We cannot do that without this type of equipment," Uthoff said.

The newspaper anticipates that new equipment will not only aid in publishing news at a faster rate, but that it will also allow student staff to practice the digital aspects of journalism, such as video, through the use of professional tools.

There are plans to implement the upgraded equipment in The Eastern Echo’s podcasting room. Currently, the podcast is audio only, and the cameras would provide the opportunity to release episodes in video format. 

"Phones can only get you so far, and we would love to give our staff and students as much opportunity to expand their skills past writing," Aaron Hughes, managing editor of The Eastern Echo, said.

The cameras would also be used to help broaden and expand the newspaper's current realm of multimedia reporting.

"Photos speak volumes to a story, and photos can be a story in themselves," Marie White, editor-in-chief of The Eastern Echo, said. "I would love to give people the opportunity to be able to explore those avenues in The Echo because I think The Echo is just one big learning experience."

The fundraiser is one of the crowdfunding campaigns launched under the Eastern Michigan University Foundation's Giving TrueDay campaign.

Currently overseen by Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, Celia Murkowski, the EMU Foundation has held the campaign annually since 2012.

Its primary goal is to support students through raising funds for scholarships and for other resources needed by various university departments.

"The way that we will improve what we have is to better the experience we have for students," Murkowski said. 

All funds raised for The Eastern Echo's campaign will be placed in a student media development fund, which will then be made accessible to the newspaper by the EMU Foundation.

Echo Forward in Pictures will remain open to donations through the end of the day on Dec. 31. Donations can also be made year-round by clicking on the donation button, which is located on the top left of the newspaper’s website.