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Social Media's Impact on Body Image

(01/15/19 11:00am)

Whether it’s photos at the beach, a night out with friends, or selfies with your cat, we all tend to share the best parts of our life on social media. Social media was designed to be a place for people to share what they’ve been up to or branch out and meet new people. However, it has turned into something much more serious. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, are starting to become less like entertainment and more like an addiction for many users, whether they realize it or not.

How To Meet Your New Year's Resolutions

(01/14/19 10:46pm)

Well it’s finally here, happy 2019! The arrival of a new year comes with the opportunity to have a fresh start in life. Millions of people are ringing in the new year with resolutions. From losing weight and hitting the gym, to putting more time aside to study, whatever resolution you want to fulfill for 2019, these four tips can help you meet your goals.

How Should We Address Prejudice On Campus

(12/12/18 11:00am)

On Dec. 9, a journalist for the Eastern Echo reported that a message condemning anti-semitism on the freedom walls had been tampered with. The freedom walls, located between Pray-Harrold and the Snow Health Center, had been painted by Hillel at EMU on Nov. 9. One of the walls read, “Together Against Antisemitism”. Sunday, it was discovered that the word “anti” was painted over, so the message then read, “Together Against Semitism”.

Holiday Self Care

(12/10/18 11:00am)

With the holidays coming up, many students will be heading home to spend time with family. For some, this sounds like a dream. No assignments to worry about, possibly not needing to go to work, and spending time with loved ones you don’t get too see too often. For others, going home for the holidays is an incredibly daunting task.

How to Fix the Corrupt Influence of Money in Politics

(11/12/18 11:00am)

By the time the 2018 election had concluded, candidates in Michigan had raised over $152 million. With such a large amount of money being raised, the interest of the politicians becomes disconnected from that of the people. The people want their opinion on issues facing America, from healthcare to climate change, to be the deciding factor on action politicians take.

Money in Politics is the Most Important Issue Facing America

(11/06/18 5:00am)

Over $128 million has been raised by politicians and organizations in Michigan, just during the 2018 election cycle. Nationwide, almost $2.5 billion has been raised. The purpose of this money is to buy influence; candidates want to buy TV ads, billboards, and any other form of advertisement to get their name out to the public.

Blade Runner 2049 a cinematic sequel for the ages

(10/30/17 3:22pm)

The ever-voracious appetite for nostalgia that has engulfed American media over the last decade has led to the resurrection and remaking of several television programs and calls for reunions of now-defunct musical groups. “The Nostalgia Factor” has so far seen varying results in the world of American cinema, with classic films such as “Wall Street” and the “Indiana Jones” franchise releasing sequels decades after their predecessors. These films were met with a lukewarm reception from viewers and critics alike. Looking to break this mold, “Blade Runner 2049” seeks to please viewers 35 years after the release of Ridley Scott’s original “Blade Runner” in 1982.