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Studying abroad is an important part of the college experience

(10/22/14 8:13pm)

Imagine yourself in a foreign city of an English-speaking country. Can you think of some differences you might notice between American culture and the city you have found yourself in? Does the air smell the same? Do the people act the same? Does the city look anything like you are used to? These are all questions I asked myself before I left for Derby, England for the 2013-2014 academic school year. I participated in a study abroad program through Eastern Michigan University and studied at the University of Derby for nine months.

Eleven Detroits would be better than one

(10/19/14 8:18pm)

A year has passed since John H. Fund of the American Spectator argued that Detroit should be sold to private investors or to Canada. While I am hesitant over Mr. Fund’s proposal, such an overhaul should not be taken off the table. I would rather Detroit sell what is in Detroit (such as the contents of the Detroit Institute of Arts) rather than Detroit itself being sold.

Should Teresa Pecovic have been deported?

(10/15/14 7:42pm)

In 1989, when Teresa Pecovic was five, she was brought to the U.S. by her parents from Montenegro, which was Yugoslavia at the time. She grew up with her family in Detroit where she attended Catholic high school. In 2007, both of Teresa’s brothers were deported back to Montenegro, but were later allowed back into the country because they were married and had children. Early this year, Pecovic was detained by immigration officials. This month, Pecovic was deported to Montenegro. The likelihood of her returning looks less likely than her brothers’. Of all the individuals to fail to report to immigration authorities, was Pecovic really such an immediate threat in need of deportation?

Marvel Comics, female fans

(10/09/14 12:24am)

On Aug. 18, 1Marvel Comics revealed the variant covers of its Spider-Woman comic that is to be released in November. One cover, drawn by well-known erotic artist Milo Manara, featured Spider-Woman crawling over the edge of a wall; with her back arched, and her face looking directly up at the reader. Her costume looked as if it had been painted on. The cover almost immediately drew criticism by fans and commentators. In addition to placing Spider-Woman in a physically impossible pose, the cover over- sexualized the character, and people felt it was misogynistic.

Public universities for citizens only

(10/05/14 8:29pm)

In December of last year, Eastern Michigan University approved giving in-state tuition to non-citizens as long as they had attended at least three years of high school in Michigan. The university also approved in-state tuition to honorably discharged veterans who had served at least one-year active duty. While I have no complaints at all with the university’s decision to afford veterans the privilege, I do take issue with affording the same privilege to non-citizens, and for one reason: Eastern Michigan University is a public university.