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Bernie Sanders is wrong about income inequality

(09/30/15 12:23am)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said that, “The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time,” and “for the last 40 years the great middle class of our country—once the envy of the world—has been disappearing.”Sympathy for this kind of outrage is reflecting in the polls, showing Sanders to be a legitimate threat to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Student Government committees meet Sept. 29

(09/30/15 9:19am)

Student Government committees held their regular meetings Tuesday night in the Student Center.The Business and Finance Committee allocated funds to eight student organizations.The Mock Trial organization was granted $1,775 for the American Mock Trial Association Registration.Women’s Club Volleyball was granted $475 for tournament registration fees.Women’s Club Lacrosse was granted $784.44 for game costs, transportation and league dues.Gymnastics Club was granted $2,375 for gym use and meet fees.I.M.A.G.E.

Eastern participates in flu vaccine competition

(09/30/15 9:26am)

Eastern Michigan University is participating in state-wide challenge against the flu. The challenge, issued by the Michigan Department of Human Services, is an effort to vaccinate more college students against the flu.Eastern students who have received the flu vaccine this fall — on campus or in the community — may report their vaccination through surveymonkey. The overall winners will be announced in April 2016, and awards will be given to whomever had the most students receive flu vaccinations.

Allison Furlong discusses relationship between German music and economics

(09/30/15 9:29am)

Visiting Ohio State University professor, Allison Furlong, showed how the unevenness in West and East Germany, which still exists today, is seen through sound.In her lecture Tuesday night called “The Sound of Hate: Neo-Nazis in Eastern Germany, Furlong described how the East German punk scene has reflected the sentiments of underground movements in East Germany after World War II, when the Berlin Wall was removed and now.

Echo continues the search for answers in the case of Sandra Bland

(10/01/15 9:36pm)

In lieu of a recent opinions column published online by Makayla Stevenson concerning the general lack of interest in the investigation of Sandra Bland’s death, medical examiner legal consultant, David Fisher, contacted The Eastern Echo and shared details into his investigation of the case that he will be presenting to Texas legislative this week.Fisher provided several documents including: The official Autopsy report, Texas Commission Law Enforcement personal information, custodial death report, and several letters about the legality of out of county autopsy.