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EMU should cater more to women of color pursuing STEM fields

(09/23/15 4:04pm)

It’s no secret that Eastern Michigan University is a school of predominantly white students. Over 63 percent of the student population at EMU is white. If you randomly chose ten students in the school, about six of those students would probably be white. In all honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being white. Like people of color, white people do not decide what race they are. However, because of learned racism in our society, many students of color miss out on opportunities here. Because women are already less likely to go into STEM fields than men are and students of color are far less likely to pursue degrees at all, and normally will not pursue the same volume of STEM degrees as white people, these two factors should play an important role into why Eastern Michigan University takes special care to encourage young women of color to pursue degrees in STEM fields.

The Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Bureaus Merger is a mistake

(09/30/15 9:31am)

With everything going on in today’s world, it’s easy to forget that there are also changes happening here at home. The Convention and Visitors Bureau that created the #VisitYpsi brand that helps market Ypsilanti to the world is being threatened. The threat is a merger between the Ypsilanti Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Ann Arbor Convention Visitors Bureau, which will cause us to lose our individual voice in the county. It is a mistake to create a bureau merger between two very different cities and peoples. This same merger has been brought forward before and failed.

It's time to grow up: Why you should get involved in any and all activities that you want to

(09/23/15 2:40pm)

Since starting my freshman year in college, I have conversed with multiple people who are just like me, people who have left their homes for the first time. For years, teachers have been telling us to prepare for the real world and it’s finally here. I almost didn’t apply for college, but I am so happy that I did. Life after high school is the time for one to grow as a person. Being in college is such a liberating feeling. So many people arrive with the notion that college is a scary place and believe that perhaps they won’t find a place to fit in… so they stick to themselves. That is the biggest mistake that any incoming freshman could make. In college there is a place for everyone to call home, you just have to be willing to look.

How parents can help reduce child accidents

(09/20/15 3:27pm)

No parent ever wants to think about something terrible happening to his or her children—I know I always get chills thinking about it—but, the fact of the matter is that it happens and, according to the National Library of Medicine, the leading cause of death among children who have reached their first birthday is accidents which cause them to sustain fatal injuries. This remains the leading cause of death in the United States until people have reached the age of 24.

The U.S. involvement in Yemen is a crime and it should be punished by the International Court of Justice

(09/20/15 2:47pm)

The Houthis—a Zaidi group from Sa’dah, in Yemen—are an honorable breed of rebels. They fight for a new democratic system to represent their entire country, instead of the one that their current president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, envisions. As a response to the Houthi rebellion, the United States and Saudi Arabia decided to unjustly drone strike and air raid the rebels in Yemen under the cover of “humanitarian intervention,” killing thousands of innocents in the process. This is a crime and a failure to implement the United Nation’s “Responsibility to Protect” policy, as well as a failure to allow other countries to form democracies on their own, as the United States did.

Why I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton and you shouldn't either

(09/20/15 2:37pm)

As a feminist and young woman, I look at Hillary Clinton and admire her running for president. I love that she is making women who come from women’s colleges—as she did herself from Wellesley College—look amazing. I love that she graduated from the Yale school of Law and I am more than impressed that she has made a career for herself in American politics, as she has been both a senator as well as the Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term as president. As a woman, I look up to her and want to be just like her in many ways. She’s independent, strong and incredibly successful, just like I want to be in my field. However, as a college student and a person who is suddenly able and willing to vote, there is no way I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

We need to stop child obesity

(09/16/15 3:25pm)

Kids don’t become obese overnight. And no, I’m not talking about the kids that are larger than the others, but their doctors say they’re healthy. I’m not talking about the children who blow up during a growth spurt and lose all of it when they take their first step onto a high school campus. Rather, I am talking about the children who, for a variety of reasons, are gaining too much weight and not losing it.

How the Republicans' hysteria over Iran is hurting us

(09/16/15 3:24pm)

The Republicans have proven that they are incapable of reading or comprehending anything regarding the Iran Deal aside from it simply not happening. Their public statements blatantly contradict what news sources from CNN to PolitiFact have confirmed is true about the deal and it is clear that they are geared towards fanning the flames of misdirected hysteria of a nuclear Iran than deal with the truth that the current deal would make it impossible for Iran to go nuclear for the next fifteen years.

Donald Trump is the shattering reflection of everything that is wrong with America

(09/13/15 2:28pm)

Donald Trump is the perfect reflection of a sick society; one which is consumed by consumerism, financed by greed, lobbied by corruption and which bathes in the murky waters of ignorance and chauvinism. It is a society which sees intellectualism, community and respectful, civil discourse as weakness. In this age of political scorn and deep societal issues, Trump is king.

Don't put your bed on the backburner

(09/13/15 2:26pm)

Into the second week of class, I think we can all agree that we are once more swung into the throes of another heavy-loaded college semester. Not only do we have our class schedule tacked up somewhere in our room or copied into our planner, we’re starting to get a feel for when we’ll be able to squeeze in lunch, dinner with friends, homework, maybe working out, our jobs, calling our moms and oh yeah, sleep.

Health problems college-aged women need to pay attention to

(09/13/15 2:23pm)

Every time physicians and scientists discover new ways to cure diseases, it seems like there are new diseases or old ones coming back and spreading. Some are important, some aren’t. Some I will get, others I will be able to avoid. So, as a college aged woman, I want to know which illnesses are those I should watch out for. Well, there are three diseases that every single college-aged young woman should be aware of and do her best to avoid. 1. Depression: Depending on the school, medical and social histories, ability to deal with stress, and several other factors, young women can be at greater or less risk for developing depression. However, according to Chris Iliades of Everyday Health, suicide is the second leading cause of death in college-aged students. Because of the neuroanatomy and the structure of female brains, as well as behaviors, women are more likely to develop depression than men. Making sure that you, as a college-aged woman, have access to treatment for depression as well as methods of avoiding its development is more than likely crucial to surviving college.

Freshmen, don't ignore good opportunities

(09/08/15 7:49pm)

In the film “Mr. Nobody,” a 118-year old man named Nemo is beckoned to recall the details of his life. There are several points where he has to make crucial decisions in his life, such as the choice between living with his mother or his father, settling with the girl that he’s just okay with or risk waiting for the one who can make him truly happy. While contemplating the decisions he had to make, Nemo says, “We cannot go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose.”

Why we shouldn't defund Planned Parenthood

(09/08/15 7:46pm)

Recently, there has been controversy over the mass closing of Planned Parenthood locations nationwide. For example, according to Laura Bassett of the Huffington Post, Indiana has closed many of its rural Planned Parenthood locations and it is not the only state that has had these closings. Florida, Wisconsin and many other states have decided to defund their Planned Parenthood locations in order to stop abortion within their states. These state leaders, such as Scott Walker from Wisconsin and Jeb Bush in Florida, defunded their Planned Parenthood locations in order to stop abortions in their states and protect the lives of fetuses. But with the rampant desires, and actions taken to defund Planned Parenthood, the problem then becomes countless women losing access to reproductive care. So it is only right to continue funding Planned Parenthood and to stop the defunding of Planned Parenthood right?

Vaccinations should be compulsory for children

(09/08/15 7:45pm)

Recently, with the rise of children diagnosed with autism, many parents are beginning to believe that there is a link between autism and vaccinations. However, recent research indicates that autism can be detected and develops at a much earlier age and can be found developing while the child is still in the womb. Therefore, many of the concerns that parents have regarding vaccinations are invalidated by recent research.

The NFL is a leech on society

(09/08/15 7:33pm)

It’s football season again and, for me, that means it’s the time of year when I pick the football team I follow in order to appease my modern-gladiatorial-game-watching friends. I’m completely astonished by the attendance and attention sports garner as a whole and believe that sports are a leech on society. From the simple waste of cash flow on basic coliseum-style entertainment, to doing the opposite of its assumed job of relaxing and calming people.