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11/3/2020, 3:56pm

EMU alumna, Krystle DuPree, runs for Ann Arbor Board of Education

EMU alumna Krystle Dupree is running for Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education. If elected Dupree has three main goals as a Board of Education member: make the Board more accessible and accountable for the community; hire a more culturally responsive and representative staff; and increase the districts focus on Special Education.

10/29/2020, 6:43pm

Student Senate meetings reconvened since COVID-19 shutdowns; in a bid for leadership, senators discuss Palestinian flag controversy

Eastern Michigan Student Senators were officially sworn into office on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. The process was done virtually via Zoom. Non-elected executive board positions had been filled prior to the meeting and senators decided senate leadership. In deciding senate leadership, an issue regarding a Palestinian flag in the student government offices was brought to light. 

10/25/2020, 1:55pm

Campus area crime: Oct. 15 through Oct. 24

The campus crime map is a report of criminal activity that has been reported in the Ypsilanti area, as well as on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. The crimes included on this week’s map occurred over the dates Oct. 15 through Oct. 24, 2020.

10/19/2020, 3:08pm

How EMU's music ensembles are adapting to COVID-19 complications

The EMU jazz, percussion, and orchestra ensembles have altered practice schedules and concert formats in order to fit COVID-19 protocols. Rehearsals now permit fewer students to meet together, requiring those that do to maintain social distancing and mask wearing. Concerts are planned to be virtual. 

10/15/2020, 4:06pm

The recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling may affect future Ypsilanti City Council Meetings

With the Michigan Supreme Court striking down Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 executive orders, the Ypsilanti City Council’s virtual meetings may now violate the Open Meetings Act. Violating the Open Meetings Act can result in being found guilty of a misdemeanor, and the Ypsilanti City Council could be found personally liable and charged $500 for a single meeting.

10/15/2020, 4:05pm

Six men arrested in Ypsilanti in relation to plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

As of Thursday, Oct. 8, 13 men are being charged with terrorism, conspiracy, and weapons in relation to plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Six of the men involved were taken into custody in Ypsilanti. The men involved in the plot have been recognized as members of the militia group called the Wolverine Watchmen.

10/14/2020, 6:20pm

Campus-area crime map: Sept. 26 through Oct. 14

The campus area crime map is a report of criminal activity that has been reported in the Ypsilanti-area as well as on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. The following crimes mapped were reported to City of Ypsilanti crime log between Sept. 26 and Oct. 14. 

10/14/2020, 6:17pm

Community leaders speak on Ann Arbor's decriminalization of psychedelics

Entheogenic plants and substances, otherwise known as psychedelics, are now classified as Ann Arbor’s lowest law enforcement priority. Ann Arbor City Council Member Anne Bannister and Washtenaw County community leader Eli Savit gave their thoughts to the Echo on Ann Arbor’s decriminalization of the plants and substances.