11/16/2020, 5:43pm

Podcast: College of Engineering and Technology launches middle school STEM program; Local election results; Eagles lose to Ball State

EMU’s College of Engineering and Technology partners will other organizations to launch a virtual STEM program for middle school students in southeast Michigan, and Ypsilanti votes yes on a proposal that allows two city council members to weigh in on nominations to the city’s Board of Ethics and to the Boards and Commissions 

11/14/2020, 8:40pm

Podcast: How EMU freshmen are adapting to life in a pandemic

Two EMU freshmen share how they've found ways to adapt to this socially distant and largely virtual semester, and two student organization leaders recall their own first semester of college, and share what they believe the university can do to better support students through this time. 

11/2/2020, 7:50pm

Podcast: EMU Student Government executive board appointments; Ypsilanti Township prepares to process ballots; Holy Bones Collective organizes fundraiser for The YPSI

EMU's Student Government swears in the newly elected Senate and appoints the Executive Board. In city news, Ypsilanti Township prepares to process absentee ballots, and The Holy Bones Festival collective organizes a fundraiser for a creative space being constructed downtown.  

10/27/2020, 1:33pm

Podcast: Board of Regents approves revised winter break; Ypsilanti sidewalk permits extended for restaurants; EMU sustainability program details

Ypsilanti City Council tries to accommodate restaurants struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. In campus news, the EMU Board of Regents approves an updated academic calendar for the Winter 2021 semester, and Student Government prepares an application process to fill empty seats. We also take a look into EMU’s sustainability program.  

9/29/2020, 6:22pm

Michigan Attorney General denies charges against officer; City Council votes on anti-discrimination ordinance

On this week’s episode, the Office of the Michigan Attorney General denies charges against the Washtenaw County Sherriff's Deputy regarding a use-of-force incident, and Ypsilanti City Council votes that it is illegal to discriminate against someone who has a misdemeanor conviction. EMU honors the late Marilyn Horace-Moore by naming a scholarship after her.