Ypsilanti treatment center goes solar

6/15/2019, 12:22pm

Local treatment center Dawn Farm is going solar thanks to donations from Sumpter Solar Services, LLC and a GoFundMe page.

Dawn Farm treatment center received solar panel donations to help them save money. The funds were raised through Sumpter Solar Services, LLC and a GoFundMe page.



Black Business Expo

2/10/2019, 8:18pm

Black History Month at Eastern Michigan University started with The Black Business Expo to get the first weeks going. The Black Business Expo was hosted by the organization The Nation in the Student Center Ballroom on Thursday, Feb. 7.


Dark Phoenix: Film Review

6/13/2019, 8:37pm

Dark Phoenix served as one of the most impactful comic book series to date, but did its movie counterpart prove to be just as iconic?

Dark Phoenix is an all-powerful mutant character who also goes by the name Jean Grey. Some call the saga one of the best comic book series ever made. Having already attempted the storyline in the not-so-great “The Last Stand” with critical disapproval, imagine the hype when fans of the storyline discovered it would get a second chance, but this time with a younger set of characters.


Spinach Alfredo Lasagna

3/10/2019, 4:12am

This week we have an original and delicious twist on lasagna that can be made both at home and in the dorms all in one pot or crock pot. This recipe is perfect for keeping up with busy student life by saving leftovers to heat up throughout the week.