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Opinion | Social Inevitability: ‘just deal with it’

You’re going to get people that disagree from a scale of ‘I don’t see it that way but I see your point’ and ‘you’re the devil and will bring the end of the world in your wake for believing that’. But there’s something troubling among the arguments – a distinctly pessimistic way of thinking: the belief that some of the most troubling things in life are simply inevitable and cannot be changed

5 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods

Americans consume unhealthy amounts of fat in their regular diets. This may not be true for every one of us but a majority of Americans do not live a healthy life style or pay attention to what they put in their body. This can cause more than just weight gain. It can lead to major liver and heart problems, as well as stomach and digestive issues. These five foods will help any cook stay a little more on the health conscious side.

Grammy Time

“In the fall of 2018, greatness is coming from Phoenix. From the ashes rises greatness and greatness's name is Phoenix," said Daryl Shahid, Founder and Chairman of Phoenix at their final event for the current school year, The Grammys. 

An Unfortunate Review

Friday March 30, brought distress, dread, and despair to viewers as the second season of the Series of Unfortunate events became available to watch on Netflix. Taking a more gothic approach on children’s television the show follows the David Handler’s (Lemony Snicket) children’s series of the same name. 

Students study Saturn at EMU Planetarium

On Tuesday April 3, Eastern Michigan University students sought to learn more about the sixth planet in our solar system, Saturn, in EMU’S planetarium located in the Science Complex. Lead by associate professor, Thomas Kasper, participants sat back under the dome of the planetarium and took a journey to Saturn, it’s rings, and many moons.

The Late Station Hosts Ypsi Local Bands

When it comes to parties and events at EMU, nothing can top the house show. There’s something magical about walking into a stranger’s dimly lit, poster covered basement to hear some trippy indie or punk music from a local garage band. While house shows with local live music from Ypsi and Ann Arbor seem to be on the decline in recent years, things might soon be looking up for the scene.