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Why Voting Isn’t Enough

November 6 held another historical election in the United States. Republicans took greater control over the Senate, while the predicted “Blue Wave” only somewhat hit the House of Representatives with Democrats taking over a majority of seats.

The Reckless Spending Argument has No Credibility

I am writing to respond to the frequent claim made by conservative-Republicans that Democrats in the Congress and in the liberal part of the news media support "RECKLESS SPENDING" by the federal government on programs that help people.   

Money in Politics is the Most Important Issue Facing America

Money in politics is the most important issue facing our country because it creates a disconnect between what is best for the people, and what is best for the politician. It also is involved in every issue facing America, from healthcare to climate change.

Senator Debbie Stabenow visits EMU for “Made in Michigan” campaign

Senator Debbie Stabenow attended Eastern Michigan University (EMU) on Monday, Oct. 29 on her “Made in Michigan” tour, a campaign where she highlights the efforts of people and businesses; an initiative to forecast her goals of bettering and growing Michigan, as well as an opportunity to inspire citizens to exercise their right to vote. 

EMU Jewish Studies Department welcomes Tony winning playwright to campus

Tony award winning writer Lisa Kron shared this sentiment during her lecture on Nov. 1. “A Conversation with Lisa Kron” was put on by the Eastern Michigan University Center for Jewish Studies, and sponsored by several EMU academic departments including the Honors College, as well as the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center 2018 Books and Arts Festival. 

Why I’m Voting for Democratic Candidates on November 6th

This year, all statewide offices are on the ballot. Michiganders will choose a new governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and local representatives and senators among other elected positions. These make up the backbone of the state government and are extremely important in making key decisions that will affect Michigan for years to come. Since 2011 Republicans have controlled all of these offices. This could all change next week.

The Migrant Caravan Story is Overblown

The condition in those countries have driven families to make the dangerous journey north, with high levels of violence and poverty flooding the region. It is astounding to me that people can’t have some empathy for those who are risking their life to try and find better living conditions for their family.