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COVID-19 cases rise on campus as state officials suspend university operations 

11/17/2020, 4:21pm

Eastern Michigan University has been identified by the State of Michigan as the site of an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The number of COVID-19 cases on campus have jumped from 10 cases to 50 as the state of Michigan has identified EMU’s campus as the site of an ongoing outbreak. Ten of the 108 beds reserved at EMU for quarantine or isolation are currently in use. Along with other precautions, Thanksgiving break has been extended to include Monday, Nov. 23, and Tuesday, Nov. 24, giving students a full week of break. 



Review: Saying goodbye to Unus Annus

11/20/2020, 8:01am

The one-year YouTube project Unus Annus may have come to an end, but it will still last beyond its deletion.

The past year, Unus Annus has filled the hearts and minds of just over 4 million people. Now, the channel is gone. The lasting effects of the channel, however, will stay with people for years to come.