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Great Camping Spots in Michigan

Many Michiganders grew up taking the occasional trip to the campground as children. But if you’ve grown up around the Metro-Detroit area, maybe you’ve never been past camp Dearborn and would like to really experience nature, maybe even see a bear! Michigan has much more to offer if you do a little bit of road tripping to get there. Here’s five of the nicest spots in Michigan to take a camping trip!

How to get Organized in our busy world

We all have busy schedules nowadays and what is a better way than to make an old fashioned to do list? Sure, we can have Siri make us reminders and Alexa can add things to our grocery lists, but sometimes writing our tasks down can really benefit us in more ways than you’d expect. Researchers at Princeton claim writing it down will help you remember it. Here’s a few great ways to get motivated!

Ypsilanti celebrates its second annual Ypsi Pride

On June 1, the city of Ypsilanti kicked off it's LBGTQ+ Pride month with the second Annual Ypsi Pride community celebration. Part of the first Friday is a series of events to draw members from LBGT+ community with local businesses around downtown Ypsilanti.

5 Festivals in Michigan this summer you don’t want to miss!

Michigan has a lot to offer and one of the most popular summer treats is the festivals. Recently we found a whole list of them online, ironically named, but it lists all the festivals happening in Michigan this summer. In this article we’ve picked a few from the list you may want to check out!