Recent Stories

EMU comes together to paint history

Almost 200 volunteers from all over Eastern Michigan University and the Ypsilanti community came to dedicate their time and efforts to paint 300 square feet of canvas. The mural is meant to represent the timeline of EMU and Ypsilanti divided into three sections: past activism, present, and future ambitions.

Board of Regents Announce New Health Center

YPSILANTI - Friday, Feb. 9, the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents announced their plans to build a new primary urgent care facility on campus. This will be in collaboration with Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, and Integrated Healthcare Associates (IHA).

Internationally Acclaimed Formosa Quartet will be visiting EMU

Beginning Monday, Feb. 11, the internationally acclaimed Formosa Quartet will be performing and teaching at Eastern Michigan University’s School of Music and Dance. The quartet features violinists Jasmine Lin and Wayne Lee, violist Che-Yen Chen, and professor of cello at EMU, Deborah Pae. 

Stranger Than Fiction: 5 Fiction books to check out during break

Tired of reading textbooks? Want a good book to read but don’t want to treck through the snow to the library? Mid-winter break is the perfect time to reclaim your love of reading by diving into the perfect book. Here are the Echo’s top five digital books to pick up during break.

Professor Doris Dowell: A Story of Dance

The curtain rises, the lights flood the stage. The music begins and the dancers take their places. A typical dance recital that those in the world of performing know all too well. However, behind every performance, every step, every combination, is someone who put those steps together and found a way to tell a story through movement. Professor Doris Dowell is the one behind those movements, at least for the course she teaches: DANCE 104L1, Hip Hop, at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). She also has classes at studios in Milan and Saline, Michigan. 

Five places to study on campus that AREN’T the library

Everyone knows that the library is an ideal place to get homework done. It’s quiet, there’s lots of different places to work at, and all sorts of resources all around. It seems like there would be no downsides, right? Well, there isn’t but as previously mentioned, everyone knows that the library is the place to go to get stuff done. Everyone goes to the library on campus. So, here are five places to go study that are nearby and just as good as the library.

Review of The Greatest Showman

If you want to feel inspired like anything’s possible, if you want to know it’s okay to be different, and if you need a reminder that you can shine in the middle of darkness, then you need to see this film! Directed by Michael Gracey, written by Jenny Bicks and Bill Condon seems to be a hit all across the map.

The Trojan Women opens at the Sponberg Theatre

On Friday evening, February 2, Eastern Michigan University’s Theatre Department presented “The Trojan Women” at the Sponberg. Directed by Jennifer Graham Felts, the anti-war production highlights the women of Troy’s lamentation following the slaughter of their men and the fall of their city.