Opinion: We need more American sports dramas

5/30/2020, 9:13am

As Covid-19 forces us to find our sports content elsewhere, creators should consider developing more shows like "Friday Night Lights."

As the pandemic wreaks havoc on the TV programming calendar, it may leave some holes open to be filled in the future; perhaps sports dramas can rise up and fill them.


Opinion: No, the Black Lives Matter protests are not an extension of Bernie's electoral "revolution"

6/3/2020, 8:36pm

Those turning Black Lives Matter protests into an electoral argument are missing the point of a true people-driven movement

The Black Lives Matter movement necessitates a bottom-up approach to reform; while that has resonated with the campaign rhetoric of Bernie Sanders, it more appropriately applies to local and state governments. Claims that Bernie is “what we need” as a nominee are only half-true and distract from the greater point.