Student Body President-Elect, Vice President-Elect Speak on EMU Issues

4/19/2019, 5:35pm

President-elect Ethan Smith and Vice President-elect Hajer Abuzir spoke on major issues facing EMU and what they plan to focus on in their new positions.

President-elect Ethan Smith and Vice President-elect Hajer Abuzir spoke on issues they hope to focus on when taking office. Some include the privatization of housing, food security, student homelessness and diversity.


NFL Releases 2019 Schedule

4/20/2019, 4:05pm

The top five most anticipated games of the upcoming season.

The NFL released the 2019 schedule for all 32 teams on April 18. The season will feature 256 regular season games beginning on Sep. 5. This will be the NFL’s 100 season, and the league has decided to mix things up in terms of scheduling games in celebration of the anniversary, scheduling teams together in honor of historical games. There are a plethora of exciting games on the schedule, ranging from revenge games to Super Bowl rematches. Here are the top five most exciting games on the schedule.


Black Business Expo

2/10/2019, 8:18pm

Black History Month at Eastern Michigan University started with The Black Business Expo to get the first weeks going. The Black Business Expo was hosted by the organization The Nation in the Student Center Ballroom on Thursday, Feb. 7.


Policy Over Glamour: Pete Buttigieg for President

4/17/2019, 7:29pm

While such a diverse Democratic primary field is refreshing, it’s important to focus on policy rather than identity politics.

The Democratic Party is set to have a historic primary season, as 18 major candidates have already announced their run for the White House. The party has also amassed the most diverse primary field in history, with more women and minority candidates than ever before. But in a time when urgent problems plague the nation, identity politics is not enough.


Spinach Alfredo Lasagna

3/10/2019, 4:12am

This week we have an original and delicious twist on lasagna that can be made both at home and in the dorms all in one pot or crock pot. This recipe is perfect for keeping up with busy student life by saving leftovers to heat up throughout the week.