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Are we getting all the Timely Warnings we should?

Monday, March 23there was a disturbance near the Tower dorms here at Eastern Michigan. Lauren Stewart, a junior apparel and textile merchandising major and resident of Hill Hall, was woken up early Monday morning.

“I woke up around 2 a.m.

Michigan should legalize marijuana

As support for recreational marijuana legalization in Michigan increases, the likelihood of a ballot proposal to enact the necessary legislation is becoming a reality.

According to MLive, a new poll conducted by EPIC-MRA of Lansing reports that 50 percent of Michigan voters would be likely to support a future ballot proposal to legalize the possession or cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 years of age or older and allow taxable sales at state-licensed stores.

The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee plans to start its fundraising drive by May using both paid and volunteer workers to collect the needed 250,000 petition signatures.

I believe that ending marijuana prohibition in Michigan would reduce violent crime and drug-related crime, while keeping the millions currently spent on incarceration and enforcement in the pockets of taxpayers.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, since Colorado stores started selling recreational pot in January of 2014 after voters chose to legalize it, drug-related crimes remained steady or dropped statewide.

In addition, there has been no spike in traffic fatalities from drugged driving, according to the Washington Post. And the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data shows that violent crime is down 5.2 percent statewide.

Eta Sigma Gamma works to promote health, well-being

Eastern Michigan University’s Beta Delta chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma, the national professional health education organization, promotes the health and well-being of the EMU community with fun, health-related activities.

The organization is open to graduate and undergrad students studying health and health science.

1Girl event covers gender equality, empowering women

“Agentic” and “communal” were etched on the chalkboard, two opposite leadership styles: agentic being aggressive, ambitious and dominant, and communal being compassionate, collaborative and teamwork-oriented.

“Which gender is primarily associated with which?” Jacqueline Goodman, department head of women’s and gender studies, asked the audience.

There's nothing wrong with traveling alone

Bill Murray’s classic reaction in the film Groundhog Day becomes drained when he realizes that he’s being forced to relive the same bad day every day when he awakens.

Naps shows EMU how to MANEtain natural hair

Eastern Michigan Universities Natural Authentic Passionate Stylish student organization held a textured hair workshop Wednesday night in the Student Center.

NAPS members gave 3 presentations on how to promote healthy hair and hair growth to 30 students.

Senior Alexandrya Bardell, majoring in math, said that it is important for people to know how to fix their natural hair and take care of it because influences like the media can make them feel like they have to change.

“It’s really detrimental to self image, self worth, and just the value of who you are as a person,” she said.

Eagles fall in Sweet Sixteen of WNIT

The Eastern Michigan women’s basketball team traveled down to Reed Green Coliseum on March 25; falling short in the Sweet 16 of the Women’s National Invitational Tournament (WNIT) after losing to the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles, 76-65.

Cole-Martin ticket wins the Student Government presidential race

The Steven Cole-Anjali Martin ticket won the Student Government presidential race with 40 percent of votes cast, 931 of the 2,323 votes cast in this election.

Cole, the current vice president of Student Government said he pledges to make student life at EMU better.

“I believe that all Eastern students, whether they voted for me, or one of my opponents, or didn't vote at all, deserve good representation in Student Government.”Cole said.