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The freshman experience: A muddle to find balance

As a freshman in collage, you’ve already been told many different ideas of what it’s supposed to be like. I remember my parents, high school teachers and the average T-rated teen movies giving me all sorts of ideas. Many mild-mannered adults will tell you college is the time to focus entirely on education, to engage in numerous courses and soak up all that sweet, sweet knowledge with your endless supply of ramen noodles.

8 things I wish I knew my freshman year

Freshman year of college is full of first-time experiences. The newfound freedom, the large size of campus and amount of students and opportunities to re-invent yourself are some of the basic changes you will experience. The purpose of this article, however, is to look at some things you might not have thought of. If you keep these eight things in mind, you will have a much better freshman year than most of your peers.

News Briefs: August

As part of the national #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign, Eastern Michigan University installs banners on light posts up to and around campus celebrating more than 100 international students who represent more than 40 countries.

Eastern Michigan University's ECA program donates $200,000 toward Strong Hall renovations

Amid the humidity in the Strong Hall Atrium, it was all smiles and high fives.

On Wednesday, April 19, the partnership between Eastern Michigan University and local school districts grew even stronger when the Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium (WEOC) and its Early College Alliance program donated $200,000 toward the renovation of Strong Hall, a salient STEM-focused facility at the university.

EMU part-time lecturers rally for fair contracts

"Well paid teachers, not stadium bleachers!"

That was one of the many chants led by Eastern Michigan University part-time lecturers, community members and students during the rally held Monday, May 15, at Welch Hall.

Eastern Michigan University student fatally shot at Ohio party

Jayquon Tillman, an 18-year old Eastern Michigan University student was fatally shot on Saturday, May 6 at a party four miles away from Kent State University in Portage County, Ohio.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the Portage County sheriff’s said deputies were dispatched to a large party at a multi-family residence on state Route 43 in Franklin Township around 11:30 p.m.

Police Blotter: April 2 - 8


On April 2 at 12:22 a.m., DPS received a call regarding a highly intoxicated female, who sustained minor injuries to the forehead, during a party at Village Building E.

EMU's Physician Assistant student organization provides medical relief to Haiti

“The biggest instance was when we were leaving and six people in our group were informed by Spirit Airlines that their flights were cancelled and rescheduled for five days later,” Eastern Michigan University President of the Physician Assistant student organization, Emily Batdorf said.

It was February 26.