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'Elsagate' takes over YouTube children's app

Recently, The New York Times had an article about an unusual trend on YouTube. The YouTube children app, which was first introduced in 2015, is supposed to be an app that can safely show families kid-friendly videos that are on the video-sharing site. 

Björk’s Utopia is a Dense Sonic Dreamscape

Hailing from Iceland, Björk started as an oddity in the realm of pop-stars in the 1990’s,

and has only pushed her quirks further and further with each release since her debut album,

appropriately titled Debut, in 1993. Since then her innovations in music and reinventions of

herself have proven to be much more than can be expected of your average pop-star. 

Students Get Into the Holiday Spirit at 'Seasons of Light'

Eastern Michigan University students sought holiday spirit in the stars at the school’s planetarium on Saturday. “The Seasons of Light” event held by the astronomy department explored how astronomical movements play into many end of the year celebrations and the history behind these celebrations.

Disney Pixar’s Coco: Go See It and Bring Tissues

Have you ever felt a connection to someone, maybe a family member that’s passed, that you’ve never met? Some believe these people are part of the same soul group. Without getting too metaphysical, it’s a philosophy that people are connected in life and even after because their souls belong in the same inner circle. Think of the “cut from the same cloth” mentality. This was an unexpected underlying theme of Disney Pixar’s movie, Coco. 

Center for Multicultural Affairs shows film "Indian School: the Survival Story"

Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Multicultural Affairs and the Native American Student Organization presented the documentary, “Indian School, the Survivor Story”, a film highlighting the experiences of Native Americans in the Indian Industrial Boarding School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on Thursday, Nov. 30 at Halle Library.