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Bachelor's degree weak in educated workforce

(01/06/10 5:38pm)

Hello again. Welcome back from break, hope you enjoyed it and that you were happy with your grades. With the holidays over I can proceed to bring you back to reality with all the grace and civility of an elephant high on Acid. With more and more people going to college, those undergraduate degrees that many students end up in debt for are becoming less valued in the work environment, mainly because there are so many of them now.

Stop texting and driving, make roads safer

(01/20/10 8:20pm)

You’re driving down the road, on your way to class, when your cell phone goes off. You take a quick glance to find it’s a text message. It’s just a friend letting you know where you’ll be meeting at the movies tonight. Knowing you’re going to be in class for most of the day, you reach over and try to text him back before you pull up to the student parking lot. Suddenly, you hear a loud car horn. Then you notice your car is traveling in the wrong lane and you quickly move to miss the other car by only a few feet. Feeling relieved and a little embarrassed, you begin to wish you had parked your car before you picked up the phone.

Comic books do contain literary value

(01/27/10 7:49pm)

I said last article that the discussion on whether comic books constituted proper literature was a topic for another article. Three guesses for what this article will be about. The problem is the art – the words alone do not a piece of literature make, as the argument goes. But literature is art, so therefore comic books are literature. Somewhere a professor of logic is yelling at the paper. So sue me, politics are slow right now. Sure, I could write about the Senate position in Massachusetts, but I’ve done Democratic incompetence to death for now, so I’m moving on.

Presidency: a frustrating career choice

(01/27/10 7:52pm)

WANTED: Male or female, preferably male, minimum 35 years old, who wants to help others. Position consists of long hours, travel, relocation, time away from the family and absolutely no privacy. Your past, present and future will become everyone’s business, so those with skeletons in the closet need not apply. Everyone around you will critique and judge everything about you, from your ethics to your razor burn. Everyone will be overanalyzing every word and hand gesture for hidden meanings. Trust no one, they are all waiting to stab you in the back while they shake your hand. You will start off wanting to leave a legacy and make changes, but none of it will come true. Everyone will know your name and your face. You will be talked about in every history and civics class from here to eternity, no matter if you succeed or fail. Interested parties should apply within.