Noula Limberopoulos

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Opinion: Rethinking SEEUS

EMU’s DPS currently offers a service to students called ”SEEUS.” Unfortunately, SEEUS is not meeting the needs of the people living on campus as they hoped to. 

Opinion: Required Sexual Assault Courses

April 8, members of EMU administration, faculty, Student Government, and SARA met to discuss new suggestions for combatting sexual misconduct. One of the ideas suggested was requiring students to take classes on sexual health and sexual misconduct. 

Opinion: Taxation without representation

Taxation without representation was a core value held during the American Revolution. This was because the colonists were being taxes by the British but had no representation in politics. 

Opinion: Narcan on Campus

On March 8th, Student Government and Root collaborated to provide students with Narcan (Naloxone), a medication created to reverse the effects of opioid overdose.

Opinion: Michigan Avenue Tattoo and Piercing

Michigan Avenue Tattoo and Piercing is an awesome place to get your next body modification. The staff is very friendly and highly skilled, and all the equipment, as well as the interior as a whole, is incredibly clean and sanitary.

Review: 'Euphoria' Season 2

Euphoria’s first season set us up with great expectations for the second season. Unfortunately, despite having so many great qualities, I don’t think it met anyone’s expectations.