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Democrats must compromise less

(12/01/10 7:58pm)

Now that most of the punditry has silenced over what Pres. Obama called a “shellacking,” there is still something missing from the questions asked of the midterm election results. The question isn’t whether or not the election results were a referendum on the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. It’s not how can the Democrats possibly do anything now that they have lost their supermajority in Congress. The question is – what will the Democrats learn?

Time to move past racial bias

(12/08/10 7:37pm)

Of all the major events that have occurred in the past decade, including Y2K, Hurricane Katrina, and the recession, the single most notable event is undoubtedly 9/11. People of all ages remember where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the catastrophic crash. Understandably, it became the number one news item, and much political and media havoc ensued.

Michigan crackdown on teen drivers merited

(01/05/11 7:57pm)

In America, driving is something pretty much every teenager looks forward to. The excitement of being sixteen, of having a car and being able to go anywhere you want. On the flip side though, more practiced drivers are wary of these inexperienced, and oftentimes, reckless drivers. As anyone who has been in the vicinity of a high school undoubtedly knows, kids can be pretty crazy when they drive.

Obama still isn't living up to promises of campaign

(01/05/11 8:01pm)

Soaring through the 2008 presidential election with a message of “Hope and Change,” Barack Obama came into the presidency with the confidence of many that he could truly lead. Many became enamored by his message. Even those wary of the promises of politicians had faith in the newly elected commander-in-chief. But now, three years later, I find myself having to amend the message of the president: give up “hope,” but not hope.