10/12/2020, 3:40pm

Opinion: Virtual theatre performances are worth the watch

Screen fatigue can make it hard to do anything online, but there are benefits to overcoming those feelings and supporting virtual theatre.

Right now, you probably feel like looking at one more thing on a screen is the last thing you want to do. But, there’s benefits to pushing past screen fatigue, especially when you’re doing so in pursuit of supporting the arts. 

2/1/2020, 8:49pm

The Riverside Arts Center Holds Art Exhibit: “Insecurity”

The theme of “Insecurity” in Ypsilanti’s community was brought to life in the free art exhibit at The Riverside Arts Center, which from Jan. 10 to Jan. 31. The idea for the gallery was thought up the Ypsi Gathering Space. The exhibit aimed to demonstrate the vulnerable side and thoughts of people in the community. 

11/3/2019, 12:00am

Pumpkins light up Frog Island Park at All Hallows Illumination

Jack-o’-lanterns get their final hurrah in Frog Island Park. To finish the Halloween season off strong, Ypsi residents of all ages bring their pumpkins to put on display for the whole community to see. The charmed evening also featured entertainment including fire dancing, a monster violinist, and a tarot card reader.