Jenna Robinson


Suchowesky voted in as Student Services Committee vice-chair

Senator Kirck Suchowesky was voted in as the Student Services Committee vice-chair on Tuesday, Sept. 17. A 2-0 vote gave Suchowesky the promotion with no competition. Suchowesky said he feels prepared as a returning member to take on the new responsibilities of being a vice-chairman.

Student Services Committee plan healthy living week

The Student Services Committee had its first meeting Tuesday, Sept. 17. The committee discussed events for the year including a healthy living week that is tentatively being named “A Better YOU @ EMU Week.” The week will focus on diet, exercise, financial literacy, sexual health and mental health.

LGBTQ community underrepresented within the Student Government

The Student Government held it’s first official meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, where Queer and Trans People of Color Collective Coordinator Ariana Khan spoke up about the LGBTQ community not having a voice in the Student Government. Senators heard Khan’s concerns and although they cannot give her an official delegate position, they offered their personal support as well as welcomed her to the gallery of any Student Government meeting that is held.

Student Body Senate passes resolutions to improve senate involvement

The Student Body Senate held its first official meeting of the 2019-2020 academic year. Elected officials voted to pass two amendments. Resolution 106-03 will now require senators to attend at least one event per month, but will allow the event to be of their choosing. Resolution 105-03 was also amended to raise Speaker Lawrence’s billable hours from 10 to 12 to accommodate the extra training he will be taking on with the large 19-person Senate.

EMU Student Government introduces new senators

Senators Nick Galluzzo, LaTerricka Osborne, Lily Pellerito and Tyler Kochman were welcomed into the EMU Student Government during the Summer Summit Orientation Meeting. This seven-hour-long meeting held on Sept. 3 began by showcasing new members and what they hope to focus and improve on during this academic school year.