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Business and Finance Committee holds extra meeting to correct miscommunication error

The Business and Finance Committee held an extra meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, before the Senate meeting. Director Mohammad Aggour scheduled the meeting after he realized he never sent confirmation emails to two organizations about last week’s meeting. Only one of the organizations showed up and received the full amount it requested. The committee also voted on and passed Resolution 106-09 in a unanimous vote.

Student Senate creates commission to tackle housing and food insecurity

During the Senate meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, Resolution 106-08, which was a proposal to start an ad-hoc committee to focus on the issue of food and housing insecurities on campus, was presented to senators. Senators also discussed Resolution 106-09, which would establish a fundraiser for the Student Emergency Fund where Student Government would match student donations that met certain criteria. Both of these resolutions were passed in unanimous votes.

The Business and Finance Committee stood its ground when allocating money

The Business and Finance Committee was considerate and cautious when deciding how much money to allocate to organizations during the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The committee didn’t give every group the full amount that each of them originally requested. A total of $8,318.71 was allocated during this meeting.

Inequality of free speech on campus becomes concern for EMU Student Government

During the Senate meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22, Senator Nick Galluzzo and representatives from Protect Life at EMU made the Student Government aware of the destruction of the pro-life chalk messages on campus. Planned Parenthood Next Generation said they did not encourage any destructive behavior from its members. Galluzzo said he plans to write a resolution addressing the inequalities evident in the current campus climate.

New EMU student senators sworn into office

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, Student Government listened to the ideas and agendas of applicants running for the two available Senate chairs. After a lengthy meeting and multiple votes, the Senate chose Duaa Aljirafi and Domenic Dame for the positions. They encouraged those who did not get chosen to try again at a later time or pursue a delegate position.

Office of Community Wellness donates 100 iClickers to aid students

In a Senate Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, Speaker of the House Taylor Lawrence shares the progress of the iClicker project. The Office of Community Wellness donated 100 iClickers, and Lawrence applied for a grant from the Women in Philanthropy to expand the project. This project will allow students access to tools to enhance their education without having to spend more money.

Miscommunication evident in allocation processes

The Business and Finance Committee allocated $1,443 to EMU Gospel Choirs last winter semester. The funds were never transferred to the organization’s account after paperwork was likely misplaced during the allocation process. The Senate passed a resolution on Tuesday, Oct. 8 to allocate the original amount plus $57 as an apology to the organization.

The Business and Finance Committee reduces amount of money allocated since previous meeting

The Business and Finance Committee allocated money to the International Student Association, The United Nation Association, Optimize Eastern, women’s club softball and women’s club ultimate frisbee on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The senators allocated less than half of the amount they did at the previous committee meeting, alleviated some of the stress of overspending the budget.