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Olds-Robb Rec/IM Building renovations adding visual appeal and modern updates by fall 2020

The Olds-Robb Rec/IM Building opened the third, fourth, and fifth floors at the end of November. The construction included adding new equipment and modern updates. The first and second floors are currently being renovated. Visual appeal and modernity are the main goals of the enhanced Rec/IM building. Construction is scheduled for completion no later than fall 2020.

Business and Finance Committee ends semester with generous allocations

The Business and Finance Committee allocated 7% of the budget to club hockey after giving them no funding at the previous allocation meeting. Senators also allocated a total of $3,508 to student organizations during the meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10. This will be Student Government’s last meeting until after winter break. The next meeting will be a Senate meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7.

EMU student body Senators discuss housing insecurity, mental health crises, and other student concerns on campus

Senators brought up concerns regarding food insecurity, student homelessness and housing insecurity, disorganization within EMU facilities, and the lack of funding for Counseling and Psychological Services at EMU. Senators brought up these topics during the Senate meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19 to make the Student Body Government aware of these issues so that plans of action can be made.

EMU club hockey receives no funding from senators this week

During the Business and Finance Committee Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12, senators agreed to wait to allocate any further funding to EMU hockey until Director Mohammad Aggour met with the club’s president to discuss details of the costs. The committee did allocate funding to three student organizations. The committee allocated a total of $2,864.25 at this meeting.

Business and Finance Committee holds extra meeting to correct miscommunication error

The Business and Finance Committee held an extra meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, before the Senate meeting. Director Mohammad Aggour scheduled the meeting after he realized he never sent confirmation emails to two organizations about last week’s meeting. Only one of the organizations showed up and received the full amount it requested. The committee also voted on and passed Resolution 106-09 in a unanimous vote.

Student Senate creates commission to tackle housing and food insecurity

During the Senate meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, Resolution 106-08, which was a proposal to start an ad-hoc committee to focus on the issue of food and housing insecurities on campus, was presented to senators. Senators also discussed Resolution 106-09, which would establish a fundraiser for the Student Emergency Fund where Student Government would match student donations that met certain criteria. Both of these resolutions were passed in unanimous votes.