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Congress should not have a role in negotiations with foreign nations

(04/19/15 4:23pm)

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed a bill last week that would require Congressional approval of any agreement made with Iran. The bill has the support of both Republicans and Democrats, and The New York Times reported that President Obama has reluctantly agreed to the measure after a series of last-minute compromises and concessions.

'American Sniper' glorifies violence of war

(04/15/15 6:51pm)

Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with over 160 confirmed kills. He was honorably discharged from the military in 2009 and went on to write an autobiography about his experiences. Most people know him though from the recent film, American Sniper, which came out in December of 2014. The movie explores the life as a Navy Seal which Chris Kyle lived.

Hillary Clinton unfit for presidency

(04/15/15 3:39pm)

The presidential elections are coming, and once again we’re wrought with a colossal number of candidates who have enveloped themselves in the flames of fundamentalism, extreme conservatism and globalist-capitalist rhetoric. It’s no surprise anymore to see such fantastically bombastic and absurd candidates, such as Ted Cruz and the retuning Rick Santorum wildly grasping at the presidency with hands soaked in the blood of phony-patriotism, superfluous financial backing and traditionalism-turned-fanaticism.

Do we really have 'free will'?

(04/06/15 4:04pm)

Free will is something we all presume we have. It is a key concept in many religions and philosophies. It is defined by contemporary Hungarian philosopher Ferenc Huoranszki as the capacity for an individual to be responsible for his or her own actions. It is a commonly held thought that all of us are in full control of our choices in life and that self-determination is the natural state in which we all exist.

April Fools' Day more about the laughs than being mean

(04/01/15 6:29pm)

Wednesday was the big day for jests and practical jokers alike – April Fools’ Day is an international holiday celebrated by millions across the globe. The day is characterized by pranks and jests, and if celebrated right can bring smiles and laughter to everyone’s face. April Fool’s Day is a fun holiday to have around, and it should be around for many decades to come.

Homelessness an unnecessary problem

(04/01/15 6:28pm)

All people, without exception, are entitled to a good quality of life. I deeply believe that no matter who you are or what you’re doing, you deserve comfort. It shouldn’t be about productivity nor should it be about contribution to society. Rather, it should be about the understanding that all human life is inherently invaluable and that everyone deserves to have decent housing, food, clothing, clean drinking water, education, healthcare, a livable wage if they are working and a safety net for those who aren’t or can’t. It shouldn’t be about the cost. You cannot put a price on human life; it is not a commodity.

Spoilers do not take away from the story

(03/29/15 5:21pm)

With the popularity of book-to-movie adaptations and TV streaming services, a new kind of fear is spreading in the American public: the fear of the spoiler. Concern over spoilers is something I’ve noticed in the past few years. It’s an entirely new fear that is proliferated by social media, and made worse by the plethora of movie and TV adaptations that are being produced now.

Letter to The Eastern Echo: Response to 'Crass Rant'

(03/29/15 5:54pm)

I am responding to the “Crass rant” in the comics section of the Echo. The author claims that there are too many babies. This overpopulation myth has caused human rights abuses around the world, forced population control, denied medicines to the poor, and targeted attacks on ethnic minorities and women. Here is a website that can educate and inform:

Don't increase on-campus housing and meal plan costs

(03/25/15 8:35pm)

The Board of Regents recently approved a four percent increase in on-campus housing rates and a five percent increase for meal plans. The money generated by the increase will go toward renovations of on-campus housing and cover the increasing cost of food. While I do understand that up keeping facilities is an important part of running a university, I cannot help being skeptical of the increase.