7/22/2020, 8:29pm

Housing insecurity in Washtenaw County is worsened by pandemic

Housing insecurity has only worsened across the US in the wake of the pandemic. With Michigan's eviction moratorium behind, and the end of federal unemployment benefits imminently ahead, some Washtenaw County tenants are at risk of housing insecurity. The Echo spoke with housing experts and leaders in Washtenaw County about housing insecurity throughout the pandemic.

7/15/2020, 4:05pm

EMU international students react to recent ICE visa policy

Eastern Michigan University’s international students spoke with the Echo about the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy that strips international student of their visas if their coursework is fully online. EMU is among almost 60 U.S. universities to file a court brief supporting Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a case the colleges brought in opposition to the new visa rules. 

7/10/2020, 2:46pm

Nicole Brown appointed as mayor pro-tempore

Nicole Brown was appointed unanimously to mayor pro-tempore on July 7 at the regular Ypsilanti City Council meeting. She will remain in office until the general election in November 2020. A former commissioner also voiced concerns about the public voice in the mayor's election as no city-wide vote will be held to elect a mayor until November 2022.

6/24/2020, 10:44am

Questions answered about Sen. Jeff Irwin and Rep. Ronnie Peterson's police reform bill

As Ronnie Peterson’s bill, identical to Sen. Jeff Irwin’s Senate Bill 945, awaits a full house vote, the Echo gathered more information and comments about the bill and their opinions on possible next steps for criminal justice reform in Michigan and Washtenaw County. The Echo spoke with Irwin, some of Michigan’s law enforcement organizations, Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton, and Desmine Robinson; a local Black Lives Matter activist and EMU student leader.

6/23/2020, 7:46am

How EMU's campus may function in the fall

As EMU hopes and plans to resume on-campus operations in the fall, the University is continuously developing strategies and protocols to do so. The Echo compiled what we know so far about on-campus operations in the fall.

6/22/2020, 11:41am

Ypsilanti community members hold a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday, June 20; city council members in attendance ask mayor to resign

Ypsilanti community members heald a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday, June 20. Close to 500 people, including Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and members of the Ypsilanti City Council gathered in downtown Ypsilanti to address police brutality and systemic racism. Two members of the Ypsilanti City Council, Nicole Brown and Annie Sommerville addressed recent racist remarks given by Ypsilanti mayor Beth Bashert during a Ypsilanti City Council meeting and called on her to resign.