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Technology overpowers 'good old days' of books

(02/23/11 8:01pm)

Pretty much all college kids remember ‘the good old days’ from when we were kids. We all remember what it was like to go bike riding around the neighborhoods, buy overpriced Popsicles from ice cream trucks, play soccer at the local park and many other things besides. One of those would undoubtedly be spending afternoons in a bookstore or renting a movie from a rental store.

Teachers take hit, Wall Street doesn't

(03/09/11 7:44pm)

Teachers in America are under assault. They are receiving a barrage of attacks from politicians, conservative commentators and worst, their own neighbors. The reason we are told these attacks are warranted is because today’s teachers are overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats living high on the hog from taxpayer money. The real reason is conservatives are taking advantage of high anxiety and anger caused by a prolonged economic downturn in order to strangle the remaining life left in the labor movement.