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Students, faculty and guest artists to perform in 'Dialogues with Gravity'

(01/13/16 10:33am)

Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Music and Dance will be starting off the year with their 64th Annual Faculty and Guest Artist Dance Concert in Quick Theatre this weekend.The concert will be mixed repertoire where students, faculty and guest performers will be showcasing their talents through the art of different dance genres such as ballet, modern, jazz and musical theater, all in both contemporary and classical styles.

The Struts (Artist Review)

(09/04/18 12:00am)

Drums to hold the beat, bass to create the rhythm, guitar to make you bob your head, the occasional piano and strings to compliment the singer, and the voice that becomes the center of attention as soon as it's introduced. Between Luke's tongue roles and Adam's glissandos, The Struts have found a way to mesh the sound of English rock bands from the past with a unique ego that only The Struts can pull off.