6/21/2015, 10:59am

Media needs to stop sensationalizing mass shootings

Wednesday night at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, nine people were shot and killed by domestic right-wing terrorist and white supremacist Dylann Roof—a horrible and terrifying act of pure hate and violence brought down upon the black community— and, while I absolutely and wholeheartedly share the feelings of disgust and sadness felt by many following this event, it’s time that we stop neurotically fixating our attention on these mass shootings, because it is unhealthy and creates the right atmosphere for further extremism to come slithering out of the mist and rear its ugly head. Certainly, we cannot ignore these senseless acts of viciousness—nor should we avoid the much needed conversation on normalized racism and the fanaticism that stems from it in this country—but we need to have a dramatic shift in the way we deal with and report on occurrences like the shooting in Charleston, because, under the current system, we glorify acts of absurd violence and produce an environment of vicariousness, as, to most Americans, this tragic event is nothing more than a conversation piece. Yes, it must be said that this was an absolute heartbreak and it should be reported on and discussed—especially in this case with the very poignant issues of racism facing the nation—but we should never allow stories like these to rise to the level of absurdity that they often do.

6/21/2015, 10:56am

Government ruins capitalism

Capitalism is an ideology and, like many ideologies, it requires multiple factors that only exist in a textbook to ensure it works 100 percent of the time with 100 percent efficiency.

6/14/2015, 10:52am

Democracy and capitalism are incompatible

When I think of democracy, I do not think of the pure incarnation of the political system wherein the majority rule, but rather the philosophical term in which all people, no matter their differences, are considered equal and possess all of the same rights.

6/14/2015, 10:47am

Accepting authority for authority's sake is dangerous

Authority in the United States is given too much room for error and interpretation. Allowing authority figures, paid for by the American tax dollars, too much leniency is like two parents telling a child not to open the cookie jar, but then leave him unattended for a week.

6/6/2015, 4:20pm

Column: EMU Soccer is better than the "Power Three"

When it comes to the athletics program at Eastern Michigan University, Mid-American Conference regular season wins, titles, appearances in MAC tournaments and championships are the most important goals for the respective teams. And no team at Eastern Michigan University has exemplified and attained these goals in the past five years more than the Women’s Soccer team, led by head coach Scott Hall.

5/31/2015, 10:54am

EMU's smoking ban is a good thing

According to the American Lung Association, “smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide.” Not only does smoking and tobacco use affect those using it, but the results from secondhand smoke are just as bad.

5/24/2015, 9:27am

Millennials changing societal norms

If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I appreciate a full, well-trimmed man-beard. While some people might see a man’s unshaven face as rough and barbaric, I know I’m not alone in viewing a well-kept beard as a sign of maturity, authority, and having a general indie-hipster persona.

5/24/2015, 9:20am

Be the change you want to see

In times of economic recession and political failure, it is up to the citizenry to alter the course of history, as we must all be the change we wish to see in the world.

5/17/2015, 10:48am

Geothermal energy is the next step

When people talk about the oil industry in the United States, conversations tend to spiral downhill as we hope for a greener future, but expect no immediate changes.

5/17/2015, 10:47am

Why you should vote for Bernie Sanders

In a time when the wealthiest people in the nation have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined, when they hold more influence than those in office, and when the voice of the people has virtually no effect on the policies being put into place, it is entirely evident that we need a major change in the ways we think and do things.