9/20/2015, 11:27am

How parents can help reduce child accidents

No parent ever wants to think about something terrible happening to his or her children—I know I always get chills thinking about it—but, the fact of the matter is that it happens and, according to the National Library of Medicine, the leading cause of death among children who have reached their first birthday is accidents which cause them to sustain fatal injuries.

9/8/2015, 3:41pm

Stop preaching abstinence only

In highly religious cultures throughout the United States, it is a practice in some school districts to only teach abstinence, regarding sexual health and education.

9/8/2015, 3:33pm

The NFL is a leech on society

It’s football season again and, for me, that means it’s the time of year when I pick the football team I follow in order to appease my modern-gladiatorial-game-watching friends.

9/8/2015, 3:30pm

What did Donald Trump say about John McCain?

“Word and emotion together are the most powerful force known to mankind,” said Republican pollster Frank Luntz—perhaps best known for pushing the use of the terms “death tax” and “climate change” instead of “estate tax” and “global warming”. Luntz, like Michael Moore, Tim Sebastian and Sean Hannity, falls neatly under my definition of a propagandist—one to whom the possibility that they could be wrong is completely alien and who propagates their gluttony of confidence via mass media.